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Currently on Loss 55

Every time we chat to someone about a different type of loss it makes the list:

1. Loss of a marriage: Sue Brayne (Episode #001)

2. Loss of parents to dementia: Katie Elliott (Episode #002)


3. Loss of fertility: Chris & Claire Sandys (Episode #003 - Part 1 & Part 2)


4. Loss of a right arm & shoulder: Dan Richards (Episode #004)

5. Loss of a front tooth: Emily Rodger (Episode #005)

6. Loss of a brother to mental illness: Trevor Griffiths (Episode #006)

7. Loss of a dad: Hannah Moger (Episode #007)

8. Loss of being a daughter: Melissa Bright (Episode #008)


9. Loss of skin: Assya Shabir (Episode #009)


10. Loss of a young son: Anna Whiston-Donaldson (Episode #010)

11. Loss of worldly beauty: Virginia Solomons (Episode #015)

12. Loss of a species: John Platt (Episode #016)


13. Loss of a family: Alina Mavis (Episode #018)

14. Loss of a pet: Chris & Claire Sandys (Episode #019)


15. Loss of a dream career: Maurillia Simpson (Episode #020)


16. Loss of self, through parenting a young child with cancer: Diana Tohar (Episode #021)


17. Loss of multiple miscarriages: Lori Alcorn (Episode #024)


18. Loss of a full term baby: Katie Joy Duke (Episode #025)


19. Loss of a newborn baby: Elizabeth Leon (Episode #026)


20. Loss of veterans to suicide: Shaun 'Johno' Johnson (Episode #027)


21. Loss of childhood: Alicia Williams a.k.a. Lady Taphos (Episode #030)


22. Loss of a 22-year-old son: Grant Morgan (Episode #031)


23. Loss of a husband and best friend: Sasha Bates (Episode #032)

24. Loss of life for a murder detective: Steven Keogh (Episode #033)

25. Loss of a professional accreditation: Lis Whybrow (Episode #036)

26. Loss of a daughter in a school shooting: Mick North (Episode #037)


27. Loss of a young father and husband: Clarissa Moll (Episode #038)


28. Loss through art and the death of a cartoonist: Carol Tyler (Episode #040)


29. Loss of a sister to brain cancer: David Richman (Episode #041)


30. Loss through Young-Onset Dementia: Jennifer Bute (Episode #043)

31. Loss through parenting a child with Angelman Syndrome: Vlad & Irina (Episode #045


32. Loss of physical ability after a stroke: Peter Ellis (Episode #047)


33. Loss of a Queen: Chris & Claire Sandys (Episode #049)

      Additional episodes:

A funeral observed: Chris & Claire Sandys (Episode #050)

Thank you, Your Majesty - (Blog post - read/listen)

Grief is on the heir - (Blog post - read/listen

34. Loss of health and life in paediatric patients: Hui-wen Sato (Episode #052)

35. Loss of photos: Chris & Claire Sandys (Episode #053)

36. Loss of a young granddaughter: Greg Williams (Episode #054)

37. Loss through sexual grief: Edy Nathan (Episode #056)


38. Loss of a reality: Mary Turner Thomson (Episode #057)

39. Loss of riding a motorbike: Mark Riddles (Episode #058)

40. Loss of dreams: Sheridan Voysey (Episode #062)

41. Loss without a body: Lisa Kolb Ruland (Episode #065)


42. Loss of possessions in a house fire: Harry Kind (Episode #067)

43Loss of life for a funeral director: Chris Lord-Brown & Jonathen Harty (Episode #069)

44. Loss through autoerotic asphyxiation: Samantha Langford (Episode #072)

45. Loss through a late diagnosis of ADHD: Margaret Reed Roberts (Episode #074)

46. Loss through disenfranchised grief: Jody Day (Episode #082)

47Loss through cumulative grief: Jeanette Koncikowski (Episode #086)

48. Loss through anorexia & orthorexia: Julia Trehane (Episode #088)

49. Loss in an Emergency Room: Catherine Fowler & John Cronin (Episode #097)

50. Loss of a left arm & shoulder: Stephen Downes (Episode #100)

51.  Loss of dad ('that I don't know if I loved'): Thea Rickard (Episode #103)

52.  Loss of life for a cardiac surgeon: Mark Field (Episode #104)

53.  Loss of hair through alopecia: Laura Burns (Episode #105)

54.  Loss through addiction: Lisa Newman (Episode #106)

55.  Coming soon...

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