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Let's Chat... Episodes

Conversations around loss and grief

These episodes pop-up every few weeks instead of one of our 101 different losses, as Claire chats to a guest who has experience or expertise in a particular area that can help us deal with, or prepare for, loss.

And she's building a toolkit, well, a whole tool shed, of equipment to help us face loss. Tune in to see what each guest adds to the shed...


1. Let's Chat... Mortality with Sue Brayne (Episode #017)

2. Let's Chat... PTSD with Dr Colleen Crary (Episode #022)


3. Let's Chat... Self Awareness with Katie Elliott (Episode #028)


4. Let's Chat... Police Chaplains with Jared Altic (Episode #034)

5. Let's Chat... End of Life & Grief Coaching with Lis Whybrow (Episode #039)

6. Let's Chat... Environmental & Ecological Grief with Dr Kriss Kevorkian (Episode #042)

7. Let's Chat... Funeral Celebrants with Evelyn Calaunan (Episode #046). 


8. Let's Chat... Back to School Pain with Elizabeth Leon (Episode #048)

9. Let's Chat... Back to work after pregnancy loss & infertility with Jackie Mancinelli (Episode #051)


10. Let's Chat... Understanding ourselves through the Enneagram with Lori Alcorn (Episode #055)


11. Let's Chat... Food and grief with Lisa Kolb Ruland (Episode #059)

12. Let's Chat... Grieving brains with Mary-Frances O'Connor (Episode #063)

13. Let's Chat... Living with loss with Peter Ellis and Katrina McNamara (Episode #066)

14. Let's Chat... National Child Abuse Prevention Month with Michelle Fishpaw (Episode #071)


15. Let's Chat... ADHD with Edward (Ned) Hallowell (Episode #073)


16. Coming soon...

Other episodes by topic 

Most of our 101 loss episodes cover topics that you might be interested in hearing more about, and you can search our podcast page for specifics, but here are a few examples categorised according to subjects:


Episode #003  - Our story with infertility and then childlessness - Chris & Claire Sandys

Episode #024  - Loss of multiple pregnancies and then childlessness - Lori Alcorn

Episode #032    - Loss of a husband and best friend - Sasha Bates


Episode #025   - Loss of a full term baby - Katie Joy Duke

Episode #026   - Loss of a new born baby - Elizabeth Leon

Episode #018   - Loss through Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) - Alina Mavis

Episode #054   - Loss of a 2-year-old granddaughter - Greg Williams



Episode #010  - Loss of a 12-year-old son - Anna Whiston-Donaldson

Episode #031  - Loss of a 22-year-old son - Grant Morgan


Episode #021   - Parenting a young child with cancer - Diana Tohar

Episode #045   - Parenting a child with Angelman Syndrome - Vlad Korotkov & Irina Karaseva

Episode #054   - Loss of a 2-year-old granddaughter - Greg Williams


Episode #001 -  Loss of a marriage - Sue Brayne

Episode #057  -  Loss of a reality - Mary Turner Thomson


Episode #032    - Loss of a husband and best friend - Sasha Bates

Episode #038   - Loss of a young father and husband - Clarissa Moll

Episode #065   - Loss without a body - Lisa Kolb Ruland


Episode #002  - Looking after parents going through dementia - Katie Elliott

Episode #043    - Young-Onset Dementia (a perspective from the inside) - Dr Jennifer Bute 


Episode #033  - Dealing with loss of life as a Scotland Yard Murder Detective - Steve Keogh


Episode MyWhy  - The losses of a recent diagnosis - Katie Joy Duke

Episode #041  - Collecting hundreds of cancer stories - David Richman


Episode #018   - Loss of a family - Alina Mavis


Episode #037   - Loss of a daughter at Dunblane Primary School - Mick North


Episode #027   - Tackling the suicide crisis with veterans - Shaun Johnson



Episode #040  - Depicting grief through comic book art - Carol Tyler

Episode #021   - The value of art when parenting a young child with cancer - Diana Tohar




Episode #012 - Chris' loss of Christmas spirit - Chris & Claire Sandys

Episode #013  - That weird time between Christmas and New Year - Chris & Claire Sandys

Episode #060 - Finding comfort at Christmas - Chris & Claire Sandys

Episode #061  -  Another new year? Why?!! - Chris & Claire Sandys

Episode #068 - Navigating Mother's Day - Claire Sandys (me!)

And of course we love to hear from you, so if you have any topic you'd like us to chat to someone about, or you just want to get in touch,

Let's Chat...

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Thank you. It's good to twoc!

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