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Graveyard Musings goes to Belgium... again.

My Why podcast version of this blog available here.

Chris and Claire recording into a mobile phone

Yes, I'm back with another Graveyard Musings and this one is once again from another trip we took to Belgium. One evening we found a graveyard to wander round and we recorded our ponderings as we explored it, because this one is nothing like Belgium's war cemeteries, or the graveyards you get in England or Wales.

Welcome to Moorslede, a municipality located in the Belgian province of West Flanders.

You'll need to listen to the podcast episode to get any context from these images, but when you've heard that you'll know what we were referring to.

This is a quick video of what the cemetery looked like when we first entered:

These images are from both ends of the cemetery that we explored, from the big marble graves, the variety of graves, the photos they place on graves, the locker-type cremation area, the very modern (very clean) glass grave, and other images.

This is where you can briefly see the two white war graves, the pathway that goes into a wall, the sculpture and some other things we talk about (plus, Chris taking photos!):

This is the difference between the big graves and the little ones we mention:

This is the succulent I coveted:

This is the brilliant watering can system, which allows you to borrow the watering can like you might take a trolley at the supermarket for a Euro.

This is the Scatter/Spread Meadow we refer to, where people can spread ashes:

This is the beautiful new cemetery we found over the road as we were leaving the old one:

And in the new area they had once again got that amazing watering can set up, but with four watering cans!!

And here's a couple of videos from the newer cemetery, including a sped-up one of us leaving, where you get to see how beautiful they entrance/exit is:

To compare this to their war cemetery's visit:

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