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Graveyard Musings

This week's My Why is audio only, but I've added some images here to give you a feel for my wanderings.

Listen to full episodes here via the Podcasts page: PART 1, PART 2 & PART 3

The other day I decided to take a screen break and go for a wander. As I often do, I found myself migrating towards our local graveyard.

(This is where I saw the green woodpecker leaving the graves at the end of the video, you can just about see it if you look closely on the left of the video.)

While I was there I decided to record some audio of my musings as I wandered around the graves for this week's My Why.

The only place where you can find equality is in the cemetery. Evan Esar

As they amounted to about 30 minutes, I've split them into three short My Why episodes, which you can listen to as they're released each week on our podcast feed.

I didn't quite realise how windy it was, so please excuse the wind noise. Chris has given me a fuzzy hat thing for my phone if I go and do it again, apparently it'll cut out the wind noise or something. You can hear the light swish swish of my coat and the bird song, but I don't mind those.

And for those of you that like to be able to visualise things a bit more, here's some images of some of the graves I'm talking about, and a video of me walking down to the graveyard.

And if you'd like to support my work producing the podcast, writing fiction and educating people around loss and helping them with their grief, you can do that by visiting my Buy Me a Coffee account on the link below.

This gives you an option to buy me a fancy tea (I do love an Earl Grey while I'm working) and support my work, to allow me to continue to do it full time and hopefully make it a job that earns me money one day.

Thank you.

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