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National Infertility Awareness Week

My Why audio version of video available here. Full YouTube video below or here.

This week I've done something a bit different.

Instead of writing my usual blog and recording it as a My Why podcast episode, I decided to join with some of the National Infertility Awareness Week social media and record a video of me briefly talking about our journey with infertility and childlessness.

You can watch the video here (see below) or on YouTube, or listen to the My Why audio from the video using the link above as normal.

For more about our journey with childlessness and to hear me chatting about this with my husband Chris, listen to Episode 3 - Loss of Fertility.

And what's with the little blue material shoes in the photo? Well, I was given them a long while ago in case we could use them, we obviously couldn't, and for some reason I just couldn't part with them, so I'm putting them to use, admittedly not the use I anticipated.

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