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Your Herman

If you’ve found your way to this page then there’s a good chance you’re either holding your own Herman, or you’re just super nosey about what it's like to own one.



So, who is this little fella you’ve bought or been given?

Well, first of all the idea of a Herman came from my podcast - The Silent Why - and you can find out more information about that here. But ultimately Herman was created to help people feel less alone when they’re going through a hard time. 

Herman is the silent, supportive friend that we all need when we’re feeling blue, anxious, stressed, sad, or facing loss or grief. Here’s why:

  • He’s a great listener

  • He will keep you company and sit with you - whatever season you’re in

  • He doesn’t judge how you feel or how you grieve

  • He loves to just sit, whether that’s on your dressing table, your office desk, the sofa, by the bed (in the bed!), on the mantelpiece or curled up all snuggly in your hand

  • He loves to travel, doesn’t matter if it’s in a pocket, a handbag, or a car, take him along with you and he’ll be silently sending you courage whatever you’re going through

  • He’s made of 100% cotton yarn, which is actually super absorbent if you get a stray tear and find yourself without a tissue

  • He’s fearless, so he’s the perfect companion to take the hospital, the exam hall, the funeral directors, or the places you need to go where you need a little moral support

  • He’s not afraid of emotions, harsh truths or salty language, so you don’t have to hold back what you say

  • He knows what you're going through and just wants to be with you

  • He's a passionate believer in hope, and wants to offer it to you whenever he can.

However, like all of us there are a few things he's not into:

  • He’s not a huge fan of water and being spun around, so probably best to not put him in the washing machine. He does, however, enjoy being dabbed with a clean damp cloth if he’s dirty

  • He doesn’t get on with very small children or pets, so he’d rather be out of reach of them.

  • He's also developed a dislike of ducks, for some reason he won't share.

Herman's diary is always free for you; his only job is to make sure you always have company, however you’re feeling and whatever you're going through.

And I love to see where he gets to, so if you want to put an image of him on social media, don't forget to tag The Silent Why on any social media, or The Herman Company on Instagram.

If you don't have your own Herman and want one, or know someone else that would benefit from his companionship, you can purchase him here.

And you can read/listen to the full story of Herman, from podcast question to crocheted creature, here: 



5% of the sale of every Herman goes to charity, and Herman is currently supporting Friendship Lab. 

Their vision is to "see a day when every person has at least three ‘2am friends'".
A 2am friend is someone you can call when everything has gone wrong, Herman loves the idea of everyone having a whole bunch of those.

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