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Your Herman

If you’ve found your way to this page then there’s a very good chance you’re either holding your own Herman, or you’re just super nosey about them. Either way - Welcome!

So who is this little fella you’ve bought or been given?

Well, first of all the idea of a Herman came from my podcast - The Silent Why - and you can find out in more detail about that here. But ultimately Hermans were created to help people feel less alone when they’re going through a hard time. 

Herman is the silent, supportive friend that we all need when we’re feeling blue or facing loss or grief. Here’s why:


  • He’s a great listener

  • He’s keen to just keep you company and sit with you in whatever season you’re in

  • He doesn’t judge how you feel or how you grieve

  • He loves to travel, doesn’t matter if it’s in a pocket, a handbag, or a car, take him along with you and he’ll be silently cheering you on in whatever you’re going through

  • He also loves to just sit, whether that’s on your dressing table, on your office desk, on the sofa, on the mantelpiece or in your hand

  • He’s made of 100% cotton yarn, which is actually super absorbent if you get a stray tear and find yourself without a tissue

  • He’s fearless of most things, so he’s the perfect companion to take the hospital, or the funeral directors, or the places you need to go where you need a little moral support.

  • He’s not afraid of emotions or harsh truths, so you don’t have to hold back what you say to him.

  • He knows what you're going through and just wants to be with you.

A few things he's not into:

  • He’s not a huge fan of water and being spun around, so probably best to not put him in the washing machine, he does however enjoy being dabbed with a wet cloth if he’s dirty

  • He doesn’t get on with very small children or pets, so he’d rather be out of reach of them. 

Herman has a very free timetable and his only job is to make sure you always have company, however, you’re feeling, and whatever you're going through.

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