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Hannah: Little did I know within three to four hours dad was, gone. 

Sue: You know, I was so emotionally raw, I literally felt like I'd been ripped open from the inside out. 

Hannah: I didn't feel like it was happening to me. I felt like I was observing it happened to someone else. 

Katie: None of my peers had any experience of a parent with dementia, and so I felt very lonely in that. 

Hannah: The thing I mostly struggled with, was I would suppress so much of my emotions. I'm a very emotional person. 

Sue: All I knew is, I needed to fall apart.

Dan: Looking back on that moment now, that's the moment I accepted my situation for what it was; that I'm going to be a man with one arm for the rest of my life. 

Sue: And I'm really proud of my wounds now. I like having these wounds.

Dan: And actually, losing the arm and shoulder, I suppose is a gift, isn't it really? I look at it as a gift, the best thing that ever happened to me. 

Trevor: There is hope there is something really beautiful underneath the ugliness of life. 

Dan: I suppose it was meant to happen, is the best way of looking at it.

Trevor: You only grieve if you love and that makes you more of a human being, not less.

Sue: I thought being a bereavement counsellor and a bereavement therapist, I knew what grief was. No, I did not. But I do now.

Chris: Hannah, Dan, Sue, Katie, Trevor have all felt the pain of loss and found beauty in the brokenness somewhere. So have we. How about you?

Claire: We don't think anyone can live life to the full, without experiencing loss in some shape or form. 

Chris: Welcome to The Silent Why podcast. We’re husband and wife team; Chris…

Claire: and Claire Sandys. We're childless, not by our own choice, but more about that another time, and have decided to explore something deep, meaningful and fascinating. 

Chris: We're diving into the subject of loss. 

Claire: We’re setting out on a mission to find 101 different types of loss. Chatting to people who have experienced each one and asking if joy and inspiration can be found in life's darkest moments, 

Chris: Loss, isn't just about bereavement and people dying, the grieving process is just as applicable in the loss of a job, or an identity, or a home country. 

Claire: Or even the hundreds of photos taken during a once in a lifetime road-trip around California.

Chris: Oh man, that pain is still very real.

Claire: And there might be the odd swear or sensitive issue being talked about. So please use discretion when listening, but it's all part of life, and we really want to verbalize the warts and all. 

Chris: Because let's face, it Shhh happens.

Claire: As well as our weekly episodes, I'll be releasing a super short My Why episode for your listening pleasure, plus a blog every week on our website. 

Chris: And we'll be asking those who join us; What's your Herman?

Claire: You'll need to check out our short Herman episode to explain that one. 

Chris: Find us online at or on social media - @thesilentwhypod.

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